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Apple Store & iTunes Gift Card

Warning! You cannot use Stripe as payment method to pay for digital products/epins.
Attention! These codes are only available in Turkey.

What Does Apple Store & iTunes Gift Card Do?

With your Apple devices, you redeem the code to your account through the Apple Store and you can purchase any Apple Store content. Since these codes will be added to your Apple Store balance, you can use them in a single product or in parts by purchasing multiple products. You can use these gift codes in;

and on an any other Apple product.

In addition, these codes are ideal to use as gifts for your loved ones, friends or special occasions such as birthdays. Just buy the code, pass it on to your friend, and activate it in the shop. With Apple Gift Cards, you don't have to worry to choose a gift :)

What Kinds of Apple Gift Card Sales Are There?

Currently, we offer 2 different Apple Store & iTunes gift code options, 25 TL and 50 TL. We work for you to provide more options in the future. You can only activate these codes on devices registered in Turkey.

Can I Return iTunes Gift Cards?

It is not possible to return digital products after they are delivered. For detailed information, please check the Sales Agreement.