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Google Play Gift Card

Warning! You cannot use Stripe as payment method to pay for digital products/epins.
Attention! These codes are only available in Turkey.

How to Buy Google Play Store Gift Cards

Buying the rich content of the Android world is very easy with these codes/gift cards! Sign in to your Google Play account and enter the code we have delivered to you. You can purchase all the services offered on the Google Play Store with your balance. If you want, you can use these codes as a payment method for a product you want to buy, instead of identifying it to your account. If you enter a code for a product which is cheaper than the amount you will use, the excess fee will be added to your Google Play balance.

If your friend has a birthday and you haven't decided which gift to choose, you can buy a Google Play gift card and leave that choice to your friend. With these gift cards, it is possible to purchase many content such as games, books, movies. In this way, your friend will buy the product he wishes. So you don't have to worry to choose a gift :)

In Which Products Can I Use Google Play Gift Cards?

The general usage rationale of the codes is to pay and buy products within the Android ecosystem. To these services;

can be given as an example.

What Kinds of Google Gift Code Sales Are There?

Currently, we offer 3 different Google Play gift card options: 25 TL, 50 TL and 100 TL. You can only activate these codes on devices registered in Turkey. Our research continues for more options.

Do I Have to Redeem Gift Codes Only in One Time?

No you are not. For example, you purchased a 100 TL Google Play Store Gift Code on GamerMarkt and you spent 50 TL of this amount on an application or product. Your remaining 50 TL balance will remain in your account and you will be able to use this balance in the above-mentioned ways whenever you want.

Can I Return Google Play Gift Cards?

It is not possible to return digital products after they are delivered. For detailed information, please check the Sales Agreement.