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IMPORTANT WARNING The epin codes will be updated by Riot Games on August 19 and the RP-VP equivalents of currently sold products will be reduced. Please use the products you have purchased until 19 August in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Buy Legends of Runeterra Coin

Legends of Runeterra is a card game produced by Riot Games and is played with League of Legends champions, the in-game currency is called LoR Coin which is used to purchase special items. You can purchase Riot Points (Riot Pin) codes above to purchase LoR Coin. These codes are also valid in Legends of Runeterra game. You do not need to perform a different transaction to purchase Lor Coin (Legends of Runeterra Coin). Note, however, that the Riot Points amount will turn into a different number of LoR Coin in the LoR game. You can buy the Lor Coins we listed at the most affordable price, and all Lor Coins prices can be displayed with all details.

Riot Points Conversion Table

Conversion table was updated at September 9, 2021.

## Riot Points ## ## LoR Coins ##
250 RP175 LoRc
1,050 RP740 LoRc
2,000 RP1,450 LoRc
3,900 RP2,850 LoRc
7,250 RP5,250 LoRc
11,500 RP8,500 LoRc

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