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11 Level - Master Guardian Elite - Prime CS:GO Account (#329042)

CS:GO Account Details

Steam Account Details CS:GO Account Details
Offline (5 Day(s) Before)
€ 71.18
This account has seen 65 times and updated at 10.10.2021
CS:GO Level 11
Rank Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite
Number of Matches 614
Win Rate 46%
Prime Account
Bought CS:GO
First Play 23.05.2017
Last Play 18.09.2021
Faceit Profile
Level 2
Elo 877
Number of Matches 37
Win Rate 46%
Faceit K/D 1.18
Last Infraction Date -
AFK (Infraction) 0
Leaver (Infraction) 0
  • 2021 Service Medal
  • 2020 Service Medal
  • Loyalty Badge
  • 2018 Service Medal
  • AK-47
  • Danger Zone Case
  • Sealed Graffiti | Quickdraw (Princess Pink)
  • XM1014 | Blue Spruce (Field-Tested)

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