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Customizable Steam Account for Profile Enthusiasts (It's cheaper)

Listing #792291

Offline (38 Day(s) Before)
€ 1364.98
Listing Details
Number of Games 1000+
Number of DLCs 200-399
Level 100-199
Account Penalty/Ban Status No
This account has seen 132 times and updated at 15.03.2024

Hello everyone, I'm selling my first original steam account.

I won't list every game here, but I can share it's steam DB page if you want to buy it. I bought almost 1.2k games over the years some of them were free though. I like customization a lot, so this account offers variety of colors and themes in terms of customization.

It has more than 200 pieces bought from points shop like background avatar mini background etc. it has also 260.514 points on shop.

I have been using this account for 7-8 years, it's my original account and I'm the owner, I can guarantee anything related to this account.

it has 2.222 rewards and 1198 games right now.

More than a game account this acc is also a customizable account if you wanna buy it you should consider everything on price.

Also this account has never been banned or got game ban and has prime cs 2 (or whatever it's called I don't know)

The reason I'm selling this account because of I'm kind of done with gaming and don't have much time to gaming and also for money

I can share anything about account if you want to buy it. Just DM ME