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Seller Reputation

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As GamerMarkt, we are always working to improve our systems so provide a safer platform for sellers and buyers. In this direction, we have activated the seller reputation system.

In the Seller Reputation system, while sellers increase their reputation for successful transactions, they receive penalty points for their improper transactions.

Thanks to the Seller Reputation, you can have information about the sellers you will transact with before you pay.

GamerMarkt defines a reputation point for each seller by taking the points obtained as a result of the successful transactions and the penalties caused by the problems experienced during or after the sale.

A seller, joins the system starts with 50% reputation points and cannot reach 100% reputation points when they first join the system.

The upper limit of reputation that sellers can reach according to the number of sales increases. These are briefly;

  • Maximum 80% before 5 sales,
  • Maximum 85% from 5 sales to 10 sales,
  • Maximum 90% from 10 sales to 25 sales,
  • Maximum 95% from 25 sales to 50 sales,
  • After 50 sales, this limit can be lifted and reach up to 100%.

A separate score is awarded for each type of successful transaction. These are briefly;

  • A successful account sales gives 30 points.
  • A successful item/skin sales gives 5 points.

Sellers receive some penalties for their improper actions. The reason for the penalty and the penalty points taken are given below.

# Reason (Penalty)
1 Canceled a paid order without providing a valid reason. (-60 points)
2 A paid order was canceled due to incorrect information or being unable to remove phone verification in a listing. (-30 points)
3 An account sold was taken back (recovered) and the grievance was remedied by refunding the fee. (-90 points)
4 An account sold was taken back (recovered) and the grievance was remedied by refunding the account. (-60 points)
5 An account sold was locked and seller did not help to remedy the grievance. (-60 points)
6 An account sold is banned because of account selling. (-30 points)
7 An account sold got a 14-day or permanent ban due to a seller-related problem after the sale, and the grievance was remedied by refunding the fee. (-60 points)
8 An account sold is banned for leveling up via bot software (LoL). (-30 points)
9 Seller received penalty points for insulting the buyer. (-15 points)
10 The Steam Item/Skin has not been delivered within the specified delivery hours. (-10 points)

Restrictions are applied by GamerMarkt to sellers falling below a certain reputation point. These restrictions are;

# Reason Restriction
1 Having less than 32% reputation score for the 1st time 7 days
2 Having less than 32% reputation score for the 2nd time 14 days
3 Having less than 32% reputation score for the 3rd time 30 days
4 Having less than 32% reputation score for the 4th time Perma

A seller that falls below 32% reputation points can rebuild his reputation with successful sales when his restriction ends. As long as the seller does not exhibit a wrong / inappropriate behavior again, the restriction is not applied. When it gets any penalty points, if it falls below 32% again as a result of the calculation, it is restricted again as stated in the table below.

These restrictions are only intervened in the event of a system failure or an incorrect penalty. Apart from this, it is not possible to take any action or withdraw it.