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EU Region Unranked Valorant Account (#219467)

Valorant Account

LOL Account Details Valorant Hesap Detayları
Offline (141 Day(s) Before)
€ 9.25
Valorant Points
Valorant Points
Radianite Points
Radianite Points
Account Valorant Region-Affinity: EU
Account Creation Country: Turkey
First LoL Server of Account: TR
LoL Server History of Account: TR
Account Created At: Season 10
This account is able to play ranked games in Valorant.

This account has seen 200 times and updated at 26.07.2021
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  • Raze
  • Viper
  • EP 1 // 1 Coin Buddy
  • Radianite Orb Buddy
  • Dallah Buddy
  • VALORANT Coin Buddy
  • All Good Spray
  • GLHF Spray
  • Leer Spray
  • Pick Your Poison Spray
  • Salt Shaker Spray
  • Pulse Check Spray
  • Bombshell Spray
  • K.O. Spray
  • BoomShaka Spray
  • V for VALORANT Spray
  • Deadly Venom Spray
  • VALORANT Viper Card
  • Looking For Group Card
  • VALORANT Reyna Card
  • V Protocol Card
  • MMXX Founder Card
  • VALORANT Raze Card
  • VALORANT Sage Card
  • Code Red Card
  • New Recruit Card
  • Warhead Title
  • Day One Title
  • Recruit Title
  • Enlightened Title
  • Biohazard Title
  • Warden Title
  • Team Player Title

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