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CS:GO is a trademark of Steam and GamerMarkt has no affiliation with Steam.
GamerMarkt is only a platform for gamers to list and then sell their game accounts.
Names and images in GamerMarkt are used for identification of products (accounts), not for commercial purposes (profit etc.).

Sell & Buy CS:GO Accounts at GamerMarkt

GamerMarkt is the number one website for game account sales. With the experience gained by mediating thousands of account sales on Steam, we aim to serve our customers with the most innovative technologies in account sales in CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive). In GamerMarkt, you can filter the features of the CS:GO account you will buy unlike the others and you can buy the CS:GO account that suits you best. In addition to all this, you can see if the account is a Prime CS:GO account or bought CS:GO with money. In this way, you will have information about whether the account you want to buy is valuable.

CS:GO Accounts For Sale

If you want to buy a CS:GO account, all the tools you need are carefully offered to you by GamerMarkt. If you want to have a good start to CS:GO's competitive matches and if you cannot find the CS:GO account that matches the qualifications you are looking for, you can choose the one that suits you best from hundreds of CS:GO accounts for sale on GamerMarkt. To purchase a CS:GO account, all you need to do is to register at GamerMarkt and click the Buy Now button on the listing page.

Prime CS:GO Accounts

Previously, CS:GO was not a free game, means it could only be purchased with money. However, Valve made CS:GO free on Steam on December 6, 2018, and gave former players a Loyalty Badge. Accounts with this Loyalty Badge are considered valuable accounts in the CS:GO community. Also, if the CS:GO account that has Loyalty Badge, purchased and played CS:GO 5 years ago from the date it received the Loyalty Badge, then the account is called a Prime CS:GO Account. In summary, if an account is a Prime CS:GO account, the value of the account is quite high. Thanks to this feature, you can play better quality matches and you don't be matched with players who are likely to cheat.

How To Be Prime Account in CS:GO?

With the detailed explanation mentioned above, we can list how an account can become a Prime Account as follows.

  • Having purchased and played CS:GO before December 6, 2013.
  • Increasing your CS:GO profile level to 21.
  • Purchasing 'CS:GO Prime Status Upgrade' from the Steam store.
  • Adding CS:GO as CD Key to your Steam account.
  • Receiving CS:GO as a gift by a friend.
  • Receiving 'CS:GO Prime Status Upgrade' by a friend .

Global Elite CS:GO Accounts

There is a league system in CS:GO as in all other games. This league system of CS:GO is called Matchmaking. In this league system, each league is called rank. In addition, Global Elite is the highest competitive rank in the CS:GO's Matchmaking system, along with the Supreme Master First Class rank. Games at these skill levels are played in a very competitive and high quality because there are talented players in each game. By using GamerMarkt's filtering system, you can buy the best Global CS:GO account for you and start playing quality games. You can also filter all other ranks specifically. GamerMarkt is the best address to buy a Global Elite CS:GO account!

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