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Steam is a trademark of Steam and GamerMarkt has no affiliation with Steam.
GamerMarkt is only a platform for gamers to list and then sell their game accounts.
Names and images in GamerMarkt are used for identification of products (accounts), not for commercial purposes (profit etc.).

Sell & Buy Steam Account at GamerMarkt

You can always create a new Steam account free of charge. But what will you get this way? Nothing but an empty profile. Why spend years trying to level it up and splurging on games you'd like to get your feet wet with? At GamerMarkt, you can buy Steam accounts online and end up having plenty of games and downloadable content. Whether you're in the mood for all-the-rage Battle Royale or some good old strategy, you no longer need to browse multiple stores. It will be available in your own Steam collection accessed in one click.

There's no denying that Steam is a hub for all video games – either classic or new – and it's a paradise for gamers. It's time to enter this hub without squandering thousands of euros on making your gaming library complete. Once you buy Steam accounts, you will only need to find a pre-added game in your collection to play it whenever you want. So, go ahead and invite your friends for a more exhilarating experience!

What Steam Accounts are For Sale?

Not all Steam accounts are made equal. Take a look at what they vary by:

  • Collection of Games: At GamerMarkt, you can find Steam accounts for sale that have only a few games in their libraries or over a thousand of those.
  • Collection of DLCs: As you know, there are free and paid episodes for some games on Steam. Don't forget to check out the content that has already been bought in the DLC section.
  • Steam Level: If you need an extended friends list and many profile showcases, you'd better get an account with a high Steam level. We've got a lot of options to choose from.
  • Account Age: Are you looking for an account that has been set up 10 years ago? Browse your options on this page and rest assured that you will find it.
  • Price: Obviously, accounts that offer hundreds of games and DLC are more expensive than those with less playable content. That's why you can filter Steam accounts by price for easier searching.

Get Your Account in a Flash

With GamerMarkt, you're not supposed to wait weeks until you become a holder of a newly bought Steam account. Right after receiving your payment, we will reach the seller and make sure he or she provides you with all the details necessary for access. It's our job to stay on guard against any fraudulent activity.

If you want to sell your Steam account, please get in touch with our support team.

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