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Teamfight Tactics is a trademark of Riot Games and GamerMarkt has no affiliation with Riot Games.
GamerMarkt is only a platform for gamers to list and then sell their game accounts.
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Sell & Buy Teamfight Tactics Account at GamerMarkt

Teamfight Tactics, set in pieces and reminiscent of a dream, is a new game mode that brings you against seven opponents and everyone fights for victory. Build the best team, strengthen your units and watch the course of the battle.

TFT is a turn-based strategy game in the open battle arena style, where you fight against seven opponents and try to form a powerful team that will fight each round on your behalf. Your goal is to be the last player standing on the field.

The goal is to overcome your opponents and become the last surviving player by creating a team to fight for you from the League of Legends champions.

Range and Prices for Teamfight Tactics Accounts

The matching system offers a great competitive experience. Depending on in what order you have finished each game, you will rise or fall in rankings ranging from Iron to the Challenger. Little Legends will be your image on the TFT. They will dance, use expressions, exhibit movements and show off to your opponents in general.

With this cute pressure on your competitors, you will have the opportunity to climb the ranks quickly.

We sell League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics accounts for every taste, budget and skill level. Choose from hundreds of accounts, find and buy the best TFT (Teamfight Tactics) account for yourself. Fear your opponents with your Little Legend!